Story of Shiva

Shiva Tulum - Indian Restaurant

Shiva Tulum is the only restaurant in Tulum that specialises in delicious North Indian food that is cooked in clay oven (tandoor), Indian vegetarian food, naan breads as well as other popular Indian dishes and desserts.
The ingredients are local to Mexico but the main spices are specially imported from India.

Every dish is made in an authentic Indian style and will taste exactly the same (if not better!!) if you ordered it in India. The Indian owner makes sure every dish that comes from the kitchen tastes like home cooked food.

For lunch, there is an oriental salad bar or you can make your own salad. This can be paired with a nice glass of your favourite wine or beer.

- Dinner at Shiva Tulum (5 p.m. to 10 p.m.)
- Lunch at Shiva Tulum (Noon to 3 p.m.)
- Tea at Shiva Tulum (3 p.m. to 5 p.m.)

Shiva and Yoga

Shiva takes meditation to its most absolute form. In yoga meditation, not only is the mind stopped but all attachments are dropped. Therefore, Shiva stands for "letting go" of everything.
The path of Shiva is the path that every yogi tries to achieve. According to Hindu holy books, there are 8 paths in yoga to achieve a transcendent state of the mind.
The physical aspect that most yogi's practice in real life (also called asanas) forms just one of those 8 paths.

Shiva and Shiva Restaurant

Shiva is represented in various forms in Hindu religion. At Shiva restaurant, we celebrate the "dancing" Shiva. This form is also called Natraja.
"Nat" means dance, and "Raja" means king or Lord. Therefore, Shiva is considered the "Lord of the Dance".
The dance refers to the cosmic dance of the Universe. The sound "Aum" is the sound of the Universe that Shiva dances to. A picture of Shiva dancing is below:

Shiva Restaurant Tulum


Samantha W
After being overwhelmed by the entry with its sitting areas and high thatched roof I wondered if the meal could match up and it certainly did. Everything tasted fresh and made to order. Not always the case with indian food. Possibly not the best Indian food I have ever had but definitely the best naan. If it was getting late before we were done with afternoon cocktails, Shiva was always a safe bet for an excellent, relaxed meal. Many Flores, the chef, is making a real effort and I encourage at least a visit to the beautiful atmosphere he has created as well as an interesting menu well suited to a Mexican beach resort.
Heather G
Shiva Restaurant is conveniently located in the hotel zone of Tulum. I and my wife went for a romantic dinner date to this place. The ambiance is wonderful and so is the host. Every employee at the restaurant serves with great affection. The taste of food is unbeatable along with romantic ambiance and perfect menu list.
Michael P
Shiva is one of those places you stumble upon and fall in love with. The entrance is grand, but it has a way of making you feel warm and welcome. I enjoyed a tamarind cocktail in the extravagantly decorated lounge area before sitting down at the table for dinner. Our server was great at guiding us through the menu. I really enjoyed the lamb vindaloo and the chicken tikka. my favorite chutney was the mint, I put that and the yogurt sauce on everything! The fish tikka was ok but saag paneer and dal were standouts for me. Who knew I could be converted to vegetarian ! Shiva is a unique gem in the sea of Tulum restaurants that is not to be missed!